Friday, 3 June 2011

Top 100 Books: the last ten years

As you work on that list of the ten books you would most like to see included in an overall Top 100, you might like to take a glance at this December 2009 article in the Guardian which sought to define the top 50 books of the Noughties.
This isn't a collection of books the Guardian journalists think are the best. They are the books that they feel were the most significant. And it is a terrific reminder of a lot of novels and works of non-fiction that left a lasting mark. They range, therefore, from works by Christopher Hitchens and Zadie Smith to those of the glamour model, Jordan, who has admitted she never reads the books published with her name on.
Scanning the list I was struck by some of those included. Smith's White Teeth seemed revolutionary at the time, but now, I'm not so sure. Her follow ups have disappointed (come on, be honest).
The Road, by Cormac McCarthy, is in there, as it well should be. But I didn't spot any Roth, unless I'm mistaken.
Lists are always subjective. That's the point of trying to crowdsource our Top 100. The more lists we get sent in, the more meaningful and interesting the final list will be. And then once it is eventually compiled we can all get down to the important bit, which is arguing over what has been left out.
So get thinking, share the idea, and get those lists coming in!

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