Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Ah, so Graham Linehan's Father Jack tantrum was all down to Today

Father Ted writer Graham Linehan has kept the Today debate bubbling with a blog and an article on the Guardian's website, in which he claims he was ambushed by the Radio 4 flagship show.

My first reaction to this is that he is protesting a touch too much. What's he hiding? How bad is the show?

Then again, perhaps I am being guilty of Paxmanism, the assumption that all interviewees are lying bastards who need to be exposed and quickly.

He has a point about the nature of debate on R4. The interviewers give everyone such a grilling you end up convinced they are all fools. does that help democracy, to be left with teh impression that everyone in charge is incompentent because they can't best a Humphries on the radio? Probably not. especailly as the Humphries of this world get more practise.

I'd love to see the Ladykillers show. I can't help but feel, however, that it will be a terrible disappointment compared to comedy drama of its author's publicity campaign.

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