Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Doctor Who is keeping this grown up child very happy indeed at Saturday teatime

Incidentally, weren't the new episodes of Doctor Who simply brilliant? Loved the Silence. Loved the slightly camp Americana of it. Thought the injokes about Nixon were just about right (though they went totally over the head of my children...) and found the pacing of the story bang on.

If Stephen Moffat keeps this up, they'll have to give him the job for life.

My head is still reeling a bit from trying to figure out where River Song is on her personal time chart, and if when we meet her again she will be younger and know less about the Doctor than before? But that's the thing about Doctor Who, it starts you thinking about this sort of mad stuff when really you should be doing something else...

* Neil Gaiman has posted this link: http://www.whosay.com/neilgaiman/photos/26685 Great little teaser for his episode 4

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