Friday, 11 February 2011


$10 billion big ones. That's what the genius gang who came up with Twitter reckon the site is worth. Twitter, the site where you blog in less than 140 characters. The site that has so far helped revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt, and almost managed to do so in Iran. Twitter the site that has become the go to for journalists desperate for a quote. Twitter, the site to give voice to the people, which, funnily enough, is actually dominated by celebrities, institutions and corporations. How many followers do you have?
It's not that Twitter isn't interesting or useful, but $10 billion? It hasn't actually made a profit yet. Neither has Facebook, the Goliath of social networking.
But then, it occured to me today how little I use standard email now. I check my messages and its mostly spam. the people I interact with message via FB or Twitter. Or I get a text to my phone. Seldom is the phone call, though I always prefer that.
Do you remember speaking on the phone? Do you remember always chasing people on the phone? That's what being a journalist was, You Chased People On The Phone.  Now you check their Twitter feed and if they aren't on it, don't worry, their publicist probably is.
You have to embrace these things, but I really do feel they have to come with a warning. To the investors I say, remember the Dotcom bubble. Remember all bubbles: Property, South Seas, Mississipi Joint Stock, Tulip.
To the users, the kids especially, I say, don't let it replace the real thing. To have plenty of FB friends is fun, but it is an add on to relationships and the real world, not an alternative.
And to Mark Zuckerberg, I say..... do you want to adopt me?

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