Saturday, 26 February 2011

President Bmzklfrpz is waiting

If you aren't reading the current Doonesbury strip, start now. As dictators tumble across the Arab world, as revolution turns from peaceful to bloody, only Gary Trudeau could think of seeing it through the eyes of two of America's slackest slackers.

Young Jeff Redfdern and his college roomie Zipper, who is still at College, still avoiding doing any studying, while Jeff has managed to secure and lose a career in the CIA, are about to fly off to Bezerkastan (a made up but entirely believable country roughly in the right place) to rescue President Bmzklfrpz.

The strips of the last couple of weeks have pushed Trudeau's usually high standard up a notch: we've had the Pres fighting off his own revolution while getting on the phone to his Washington based spin doctors. These have been lead by Duke, the hedonistic right wing, er, nutjob, loosely based on a certain Gonzo journalist, who in turn hires Overkill Securities, itself a satirical take on the freelance armies that now exist to help the US run Iraq. Their job is to 'get the president out of there', a hopeless, thankless mission no one else wants. For reasons too lengthy and complex to go into - but which are well worth investigating by reading through the strip's archive - the job falls to the hapless dreamer, Jeff, who decides to take Zipper along for company and to provide covering fire.

I can't wait for the denouement...but will Jeff and Z really make it over there? Can two American knuckleheads who have spent their youth on Playstation really hack the real world (in Jeff's case, we already know he can't). It's a treat either way...

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