Thursday, 3 February 2011

Hot Guys Reading Books

Hot Guys Reading Books

Neil Gaiman posted a link to this blog. It's hilarious. But why not? Why shouldn't there be somewhere women can go to where they can look at photographs of attractive men... reading?
Let's face it, most women find intellectual men incredibly sexy. They love the idea that we are both physical and cerebral.

More than that, guys, they want us for our strength AND our emotional and mental capacity. This is something we men often forget as we revert to our caveman origins. How often have you seen young guys in vans doing 40mph shouting at girls on the street...sometimes not even shouting, but just blowing their horn?
(Gettit, blowing their horn, gettit?)
As Jerry Seinfeld has pointed out this is as far as a lot of men have got. It's the Best Idea We Have.
Really, guys, we should all read a bit more, it might give us some fresh ideas.
I also think this brilliant blog opens up new cultural and media possibilities that clearly haven't yet been explored. Too long have pop stars dominated the poster world, what about pin-ups of librarians? Bookish poets could do sell out gigs at the O2 Arena. And what about a Hannah Montana storyline in which she dates an earnest literary undergrad? One in which he forgets their date because he's so wrapped up in the end of a Henry James novel. Trust me, these things do happen.
I also look forward to one day seeing a woman buying a magazine called, instead of Reader's Wives, just Readers'.
Books really are... sexy.

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