Friday, 14 October 2011

iPhone4S | hey, what is that noise? oh, it's people talking to Siri on their iPhone

The streets around Britain, nay, the world, were today choc-a-bloc with enthusiastic Apple upgraders out to ensure they got their new iPhone4S before anyone else could.
Some stayed out overnight to book their place in the queue. Others crept from their bed in the early hours clutching a warming vacuum mug of coffee, in the hope that their local O2 shop or Apple Church, sorry, I mean Store, wouldn't be too crowded out.
Was the wait worth it?
Well, I can reveal to you now that I do not have an iPhone 4S. Nor am I likely to. And yet my life has nevertheless significantly improved over the last 24 hours.
Now, if ever I need to know the weather I simply shout out, hey what's the weather like. And, lo and behold, one of up to a dozen iPhone 4S users sitting nearby shout back a response. Sometimes, if I get my voice pitch just right, their phones shout back for them.
This has been a HUGE development.
The key thing to remember is that although on the outside my life looks just as it did a day ago, inside it has been completely overhauled.
My vision is better (possibly because I've been eating a lot of carrots).
I'm a lot faster than I was (I put this down to my new trainers, but only partly).
In terms of desirability, well we've seen this improved by 300%. Women just goggle at me now, some even walk into walls they are so distracted by the hidden improvements and extensive apps they know lie just below the surface.
I am not advocating that any of you refrain from buying an iPhone simply because my life is enhanced without it. But I will say, if you do buy an iPhone, and it is quite neat... will you please keep it to yourself? The rest of us are waiting for a lovely shiny Android Ice Cream Sandwich.
Or not.

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