Monday, 3 October 2011

Dr Who | The Wedding of River Song

The Wedding of River Song

Oh come on, it was fab. Dr Who fans are never happy, though, are they? They've been flocking to the internet chat rooms all weekend to gripe about the holes in the plot that brought back to life a doctor we had been assured was dead in episode one.

Actually, I was surprised how good it was. Dr Who flirts too often with the deus ex machina endings. But here everything was spelled out for us and anyone who had been paying attention, really paying attention, was likely to have guessed the body double gimmick.

For the rest, the sheer pace of Steven Moffat's second full season in charge of the Tardis kept us all guessing. He closed it with plenty of questions - including the big one, Doctor Who? But resolved all the major issues.
A good man goes to war...and a good woman too

Perhaps the most remarkable thing, when you think about it, is how he has managed to keep the River Song story not just going but interesting and intriguing. When she first appeared, in the David Tenant episode Silence in the Library, she was an exciting novelty. For a series that is essentially about time travel, Dr Who had seldom actually explored time travel. When they gave Moffat the keys to the spaceship, he made it his business to make time his main theme. The result has been storytelling of the highest order.

Looking forward to the Christmas special already. And really, are people really thinking Downton Abbey might eclipse it this year? I don't think so...

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