Monday, 18 April 2011

BBC attacked by authors for 'sneering tone' in book show - Telegraph

This is great. I watched both the Culture Shows under attack here. The first of them, hosted by Sue Perkins, was a ludicrous but rather fun look at how a literary snob (Perkins) might be introduced to novels with pace and plot. I actually thought she came across as quite open minded and fun, though the books she chose to look at were incredibly limited and boringly obvious.

As for the other programme, the one in which the BBC named twelve authors to watch, I totall agree with the suggestion here: what a bore. Literary fiction gone mad.

Of course, what authors like Iain Banks know only too well is that programmes like this tend to be put together by cliques of people with limited, rather similar backgrounds: Oxbridge, Eng Lit degrees, middle classed, white. It's no wonder therefore that they tend to dwell on books that might have been written by the Bloomsbury set decades ago.

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