Thursday, 23 August 2012

Hilary Mantel | Wolf Hall | BBC2 adaptation announced

The publishing world reeled with shock today as the BBC announced that it was going to turn little known author Hilary Mantel's recent, rather obscure literary novel Wolf Hall, and its sequel Bring Up the Bodies, into a hugely expensive megabudgeted costume drama.

It is undoubtedly a remarkable coup for Mantel, an author who barely ever gets talked about or mentioned in the national press. Hardly ever. Not much at all. In fact, never. [Who is she again? - ed]

Wolf Hall -- the imagined ramblings of Thomas Cromwell, Henry VIII's palace odd job man, famed for his window cleaning skills -- was released in 2009 and utterly failed to capture the public imagination despite being showered with literary awards and critical acclaim.

Readers avoided it in their droves, finding it to be "no where near as raunchy as EL James' Fifty Shades of Grey".

"Britain has moved on, we don't need to keep reexamining the past glory of Henry VIII's reign," Nobody said.

"This is a familiar tale, told with some wit but really offering nothing new to what we already know about Tudor England and the founding of the English state," Nobody added.

"This is 2012, no one is interested in monarchy anymore. We are too busy watching the Olympics. And looking at Prince Harry's bum online," Nobody pointed out.

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