Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Aren't there already too many books? | Things writers don't want to hear

Aren't there already too many books?

I never get the chance to read any more.

When I go into a bookshop, I can never find anything I like.

So are you the next JK Rowling then?

I just don't think I love it enough.

I'm a retired lawyer. I always thought I'd write a book some day, can you give me advice on how to get started?

Your book was OK, but have you read Twilight? It's brilliant!

I suppose you need to put in lots of sex to make money.

Can you put in lots of sex, that way it will make money.

I think I just read an American YA novel with exactly that plot. But it was set in space.

Your characters are great, they could have been on TV.

I like a book where you can not pay attention for a few pages and then still pick up the gist of it.

How many pages? And you wrote every one?

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