Wednesday, 14 September 2011

How the Crowd Is Shaping the Future of Storytelling

There's an intriguing item on Mashable, the tech website, about crowdsourcing and storytelling.

The original source is Book Country, an online community for genre fiction writers. The author is Mollyh Barton, the president of Book Country -- but someone who is also a VP at Penguin Group USA.

There's an ebook, self publishing agenda here. It seems very American: the idea that writers can turn their back on publishing giants, on New York and London, and form their own communities, online, which will develop -- through workshopping and an exchange of ideas -- the next generation of storytellers.

It's a vivid image: E-books as a sort of wild west frontier, where an independent man (or woman, of course) can carve out a life for himself with just his two hands, and a laptop. Literary Davy Crocketts in touch with real folk, tainted not by big city capitalism or commercialism.

Barton's position at Penguin USA makes you wonder though: she obviously sees an angle for traditional publishers too, in this brave new world of electronic campfires and online writing groups. I imagine it will be them collecting the cream...

How the Crowd Is Shaping the Future of Storytelling:

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