Friday, 19 August 2011

Carmen Reid | Secrets at St Jude's | the movie (kind of...)

It's time to blow a personal trumpet. No, that is an unfortunate phrase. What I mean is, it's time to tell you about someone close to me who is doing stonkingly well and who also happens to have yet another new book out.
Carmen Reid isn't just my wife, mother of my two children, light of my life, she also happens to be the author of the Annie Valentine Personal Shopper novels, as well as the Secrets at St Jude's teen series and a small battery of other titles with equally brilliant titles. She writes romantic comedy with a big big heart and she deserves to be better known.
This video is a little trailer we had made to promote the St Jude's series and the new book in particular. Follow the link here to her (all new) YouTube channel, where future, similar trailers and a few other things will soon materialise.

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