Tuesday, 26 January 2010

When is a newspaper not a newspaper?


A new Scottish newspaper? Well, for one it is online only, so the absence of paper means it is a Scottish news website, not a newspaper...
Moreover, content wise, on day two the first week it is still looking more like a blog than news website. But then they aren't promising rolling news but indepth reporting. Hmm.
I wish the guys well who are behind it. I wouldn't be averse to writing for it either, though if it is for free, I'd rather limit my comments to my own blog, thanks very much.
If its going to succeed I suspect the editorial mix needs to be strong - stronger than they have shown so far. Holyrood sketch writing is a niche area, it will have its followers, but they'll be relatively few in number, I suspect. As for the odd box stories... maybe I'm too old.
It sounds cheesy to end on a 'good luck' message, but good luck to them anyway. It would be great if it did work out, if the journos were paid for their time and the founders made a profit. I hope that does happen, it will show the rest of us it can be done.
We'll see...

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